Sex, Science and Survival

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The notion that reality evolves by means of an infinite dance of basic atomic geometrical shapes with an ethical objective, became the basis of science in 3rd Century BC Greece. Plato’s Academy known as it the Science for ethical ends. The Epicurean University known as it the Science of universal like. The movement of the moon, echoing the atomic dance of life was observed to influence the female cycle. The ethical objective, in this case, was held to clarify a mothers like and compassion for young children, providing sex a possible infinite ethical worth. Greek philosophers argued that religious beliefs had been not aspect of the atomic objective and other individuals maintained that regular cultural virtues contributed to the evolution of humanity. A important debate at that time, was that healthful human improvement necessary a scientific understanding of infinity. This understanding was linked with a sexually orientated joy of life linked with the eternal atomic dance producing a need to like and safeguard young children. Greek science was invented to save civilization from the extinction method, recorded inside the fossil record. In certain, the term ‘saviour’ applied to teachers of the Epicurean college. The Roman Government regarded this notion as a threat to the stability of their Empire. Nonetheless, it succumbed to Christian ideology in the course of the 5th Century AD. By that time science was an instrument controlled by religious dogma for the objective of military conquest rather that reasoning about the infinite ethical objective of the geometrical atomic dance of life. The mathematical understanding of the dance of life below religious manage in the course of the Dark Ages was about making certain that a certain creed created science to safeguard itself from military conquest. Sexual choice centred upon the physical attributes of the warrior class, echoing the primitive survival mindset of preceding life on earth, most of which had come to be extinct. Infinite mathematical conjecture became absolutely banished inside all scientific reasoning as a treasonable heresy. Giordano Bruno in 1600 was burnt alive by the Christian church in Rome for teaching about it at Oxford University. The resulting supreme law of science became a single of carcinogenic development and improvement toward particular extinction and hence can not be regarded as ethical. Einstein’s genius, who initially agreed with that unethical proposition, offered the option to this issue. His “”we cannot resolve complications by employing the similar type of considering that we applied when we produced them”” meant that science necessary to alter its governing logic. If humanity is to prosper it should confront contemporary science’s obsession about the particular extinction of humanity. That will involve a re-understanding of our sexual mindset. The infinite geometrical logic involved in the dance of life generates a powder keg of emotional thoughts and feelings beyond present scientific comprehension. With all the most effective intentions, religious ideas of infinity are of tiny pragmatic support. This is demonstrated by the existing exposure of organized youngster molestation inside the Christian Church and the degrading use of sex linked with acts of religious Islamic terrorism. The complexity and dynamics of sexual reality calls for a a lot far more profound and compassionate understanding. Science is an amazing wonderment. Nonetheless, its use of data and communication devices brought about a worldwide 3D dysfunctional epidemic of false monetary expectations that is unethical. The mass manufacture of such devices is transmitting dysfunctional data. It makes use of artistic know-how to produce false social anticipation by employing a geometrical mathematics comparable to the creation of addictions linked with poker machine functioning. Science should relinquish its obsessive intolerance toward investigation into linking human evolutionary survival with infinite fractal logic. Below the present carcinogenic circumstance, all data and communication logic only obeys the laws of universal chaos. The restructuring of this obsolete law will permit relevant important scientific investigation to proceed. In quantum biological neurological cancer investigation, living data is identified to flow in the opposite path to the energies of extinction chaos. It is essential to investigation the reasoning that living emotional data, by entangling with chaos power, generates evolutionary universal consciousness. The process that science could use to resolve this issue is very simple. It can not wait for political leaders to draft out religious persuasive suggestions regarding ethical immortality. That would be counterproductive, as it can not be discussed scientifically. Religion and science are nonetheless locked into an emotional energy struggle that the 17th Century philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, described as a single major to continual cycles of destructive conflict all through the history of evolving civilizations. Nonetheless, in the name of cancer investigation, relevant controversial geometrical scientific ideas can be programmed into a personal computer in order to receive a human survival blueprint. At present this is not possible for the reason that contemporary science is innately carcinogenic and can not produce such non-carcinogenic futuristic simulations. Sigmund Freud described this scientific obsession with our extinction in his ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’. He described science as employing inorganic chemistry to force organic life science back into an inanimate state. As the father of psycho-evaluation he devoted his life to freeing the human mindset from this emotional death-cult dictatorship. As an influential Freemason his try echoed the centuries old battle among the Christian Church and Freemasonry’s naive and failed try to free of charge humanity from what it known as the principle of destruction upholding science. The 1948 Freemasonry book ‘Freemasonry its Hidden Meaning’ clearly stated that its objective was to free of charge humanity from the yoke imposed by the Principle of Destruction. Nonetheless, Freud’s condemnation of our death cult to extinction can now be applied to support speedily design and style as a precise human survival blueprint. The very simple notion of placing the complicated geometrical dance of life concern into a personal computer system to receive a blueprint for seashell evolution succeeded in the course of the 20th Century. IEEE, the world’s biggest technological investigation institute, reprinted the discovery of the life-force in 1990. Nonetheless, the application of 3rd Century science’s ethical logic regarding the cancer-free of charge geometrical evolution of seashell development and improvement by means of space-time is now in violation of prevailing human death cult logic. The seashell survival blueprint was acceptable but the human a single remains an emotional religious and scientific heresy. Any significant religion perceiving that the religion of one more culture makes use of a dysfunctional carcinogenic methodology to guarantee its personal survival will try to rectify that circumstance. Conventional beliefs and customs, primarily based upon sound and colour excitement, fused with dysfunctional geometrical logic, comparable to poker machine mathematical science, can only bring about dysfunctional desires to accelerate intense cultural chaos in an try at such rectification. Nonetheless, as quickly as the human survival blueprint simulations come into existence, then their initial principle geometrical understanding regarding the nature of carcinogenic development and improvement can be applied also for the advantage of the whole worldwide population. The resulting wealth generated would be higher that the price of destroying a variety of national infrastructures. The ethical magnification of science will then come to be aspect of universal consciousness becoming conscious of itself to shed its previous carcinogenic disposition. As ancient Greek ethical logic argued, science can guide ennobling government for the wellness of the universe by becoming aspect of its healthful development and improvement, therefore avoiding extinction. That project is now in the hands of scientists and artists internationally advertising that notion as an integral aspect of the 21st Century Renaissance, which implies actually, the rebirth of ancient Greek ethical science. Professor Robert Pope is the Director of the Science-Art Study Centre of Australia, Uki, NSW, Australia. The Center’s objective is to initiate a second Renaissance in science and art, so that the existing science will be balanced by a far more inventive and feminine science. Extra data is accessible at the Science-Art Centre site: Professor Robert Pope is a recipient of the 2009 Gold Medal Laureate for Philosophy of Science, Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, London. He is an Ambassador for the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Project, University of Florence, is listed in Marquis Who’s Who of the Globe as an Artist-philosopher, and has received a Decree of Recognition from the American Council of the United Nations University Millennium Project, Australasian Node. As a qualified artist, he has held several university artist-in-residencies, such as Adelaide University, University of Sydney, Yangzhou University, China, and was the recipient of the 1989 Dorothy Knox Fellowship for Distinguished Persons. His artwork has been featured of the front covers of the art encyclopedia, Artists and Galleries of Australia, Scientific Australian and the Australian Foreign Affairs Record. His artwork can be viewed on the Science-Art Centre’s site. Through March and April, 2016, his artwork and Science-Art theories had been presented at the Silber Gallery in Rome, and the Palace of Artists in Moscow. Short article Supply: “

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