Science-Art and Cancer Research


Human evolution continues to be one among continual cycles of conflict between different mythological gods, some tribal and Many others belonging to great civilisations. The manufacture of stunning artefacts day intervals of human creativity that waxed after which waned. Wonderful metropolitan areas arose only to become the ruins of antiquity, as weapons of destruction and enslavement progressed to chart the course of human destiny. Charles Darwin’s survival on the fittest theories were based on a scientific definition of these energies of consistent destructive chaos. Darwin thought they belonged into the inhabitants theories on the reverend Thomas Malthus, director of your East India Company, which was waging a war of supremacy from rivals in the British Empire. Darwin’s well known voyage within the Beagle was under the patronage with the East India Organization.

Darwin’s definition of your energy of chaos was dependent on the regulations governing the functioning of steam engines, with foodstuff remaining the fuel keeping the human heat motor. Darwin, used from the East India Business, considered that its financial insurance policies were to be sure continual use of food stuff, making sure the Organic expansion with the Empire. Henry Cole, the driving pressure behind The good Exhibition of 1851, underneath the patronage of Queen Victoria, said that England needed to study the straight line geometrical composition of chaos Electrical power. This became The premise of British scientific education throughout the world. During the 20th Century, quantum mechanics was formulated with the logic depicting the energies of chaos, centered on this straight line geometry.

Once the fuel driving a steam motor is fatigued, it ceases to operate. The heat on the universe was considered to be radiating absent into cold Place, until finally ultimately, in numerous billion several years, it might turn into so chilly that every one lifestyle from the universe need to be ruined. This scientific obsession, demanding a point out of total destructive chaos, is innately carcinogenic. The mathematician Georg Cantor, referred to as it a ‘myopic anxiety of infinity inhabiting the scientific brain’.

This prevailing obsession is usually revealed medically as a serious unbalanced mental point out of confusion. Extremist spiritual fanatics are actually threatening Western civilisation. This means a repeat of your outdated cycle, conflict linked to an unbalanced cost-effective and technological way of thinking. In the course of the 21st Century ‘info Vitality’ was found out. This features like a reversal of heat flow Electricity from warm to chilly. Carbon has the house of building this information, to be able to preserve universal Electrical power, stopping its radiation into cold House. People, for a carbon primarily based everyday living-kind, might not automatically be evolving towards extinction, an idea in complete defiance from the prevailing common warmth death law governing Western tradition.

Really hard Main scientific proof is needed to convey this subject right into a sensible aim. Initial, Western science assumed that Newton’s concept of gravitational force belonged for the workings of a mechanical clockwork universe. In reality, his mechanical description with the universe was well balanced by his minimal known published gravitational theories. These Platonic theories belonged towards the idea of the infinite universe, where lifetime Strength progressed to infinity. The prevailing idea of 20th Century quantum mechanics was dependent upon the Phony assumption that each one existence should become extinct ‘universal atomic decay’.

The best possible biological advancement and progress of seashell lifestyle-sorts by way of space-time is often created by infinite Platonic mathematics. Mainstream mathematics can only create distorted futuristic simulations, which makes it a carcinogenic concept, inhabiting the thoughts of contemporary science, as Georg Cantor experienced predicted.

Next, it absolutely was found tips on how to reveal that the human brain is programmed towards existence in just an infinite universe, to be able to keep away from extinction. During the Golden Age of Danish Science the event of infinite moral Platonic knowledge was thought of by the philosophers Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas, to become brought on by a Imaginative asymmetrical electromagnetic optical phenomenon, working within the mind. When viewing Personal computer generated infinite fractal pictures via lenses exhibiting asymmetrical electromagnetic optical properties, stereoscopic images arise. The patent document for that glasses contained optical information applicable to cancer study and also famous that Cezzanne, Van Gogh and Another great artists had intuitively painted exactly the same stereoscopic Attributes into their paintings.

This data has serious outcomes. Quantum mechanics has clearly been crafted upon a Fake assumption, demonstrating that Western Science continues to be created on a pretentious Dying cult logic by sentencing all existence to extinction. The molecule of emotion is thought to frequently improve cellular overall health by way of a system involving infinite fractal logic, in defiance of the warmth Dying regulation governing prevailing modern financial and technological logic. The cycle of evolving human chaos belongs to a primitive point out of intellect not able to safeguard by itself from becoming extinct. Aristotle’s science to manual ennobling federal government to the wellbeing on the universe, so as to stay clear of extinction, results in being the solution within a new most cancers analysis health-related science and with it the connected new omni-technologies

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